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Hey Folks! In this magazine post, we have introduced a teenager Nikhil Gupta. In the small age, he has a passion for influencing stuff. He told us that he is teen but not kid. His parents support him very much, basically her mom. In the exclusive chat, he had shared many things, which you will read below.

He had 26k followers on Instagram and had worked for many brands. Let you read the conversation directly:

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
My name is Nikhil Gupta and I discovered blogging when I was 13 now I am 16 years old boy but I am not a kid. Everyone in my life told me to not to be a part of social media as many crimes are going on but I wanted to do something different as compared to other ordinary children. I don’t know where I was going and I had zero online reputation. Then I saw everyone is doing adulteration in their products and celebrities are advertising it that’s why everyone is buying it but I wanted to change it so I just came up with an idea that anything I buy from the market I will review it on the social media so if I face any problem or adulteration in the product so anyone else should not face the same problem and they should go and buy some better product. Then I made a decision that I will be loyal to the people and keep transparency between me and the people so I could have a good reputation in front of the people as I wanted them to admire me.

Q. How did you create your interest to be an influencer?
Consumers have always looked up to experts or friends for guidance and recommendations on their purchases and for their recommendation I wanted to have transparency between everyone as I saw many celebrities were fooling the people by their popularity so I thought that if I could do something to stop it was the only way through social media and then I started reviewing the products to increase the awareness about adulteration and it took a lot of struggle to make people believe in me

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Q. What is your goal & the future plan?
1. To work for the NGO’s for free
2. To donate 10% of my profits for the social cause
3. To increase the transparency between my following
4. To be the fastest and trustworthy growing influencer in the world

Q. Do you think that, one can succeed in blogging today?
Yes, one can succeed in blogging if he/she tells the trust and interact with his following

Q. Besides blogging, what are those things do you like and what makes you bored?
I am a very good chef. I love to cook food as it helps me to be relaxed and to have a healthy and tasty meal. I like to edit videos as it helps me to take out something productive from some raw things

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?
When I started my blogging my family did not support me to pursue in it as they thought that I am too small for the social media but after some time they also came to know that I am working for some good cause and now they are happy with what I am doing

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?
I have thought that I could be a good chef and can make the whole world love the north Indian food

Q. Apart from your carrier tell us something else or any incident you like to share?
It is an incident of class 8th and like to have long hair but in my school, I am not allowed to have long hair so once my teacher scolded me about the long hair so I wrote an application that me and my family have made pledge that we all will not cut our hair till 1 year if I get good marks in my 7th standard

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Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw once you get success and become famous?
If I became famous I will be thankful to all the people who have helped me in my journey to my success and i will surely recommend everyone about bgsraw as this is my first magazine who has given me a golden chance to be featured in it. and if bgsraw wanted any favor from my end i will be there for them anytime.

Q. Tell us about collaborate with any brand.
My first collaboration was with myntra. When I was surfing on the internet I saw myntra’s challenge on the internet and I just enrolled in it and I did anything and everything that I can do to win the challenge and after that, I won the challenge. Then I requested them for the collaboration and then they allowed me as they saw me working very hard for the challenge and my influencer journey started from there

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about modeling/blogging?
The main idea is to be trustworthy, Attractive, soothing nature, ready to listen

Q. We had also known about your hobbies there are many. So tell us some of them and how do you manage it for you?
I like to badminton as it helps me to stay fit and to come out of all the worries and be happy. although I am a district champion in badminton

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audience and your fam’s?
Do not trust anyone blindfolded just try to know everything about it and then trust it and the main thing life is very short and no one knows that tomorrow we are gonna live or not so live your today and be happy as we only sleep on a hope that we will wake up tomorrow

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Q. How people can reach you?
People can reach me through Instagram dm or email and I will surely try my best to revert them as soon as possible

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