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Urfi Javed got angry on Kashmira Shah's comment, gave a befitting reply in front of the camera


The dispute between Urfi Javed and Kashmera Shah is increasing. Recently, Sussanne Khan’s sister Farah Khan Ali had termed Urfi’s fashion sense as poor, supporting which Kashmira Shah also made fun of Urfi’s clothes. She had even said that she does not even talk about those who walk by cutting clothes. Now on this, Urfi has given a befitting reply to Kashmira Shah.


Urfi gave a befitting reply to Kashmira

Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani has shared a video, in which Urfi Javed is seen giving a befitting reply to Kashmira’s comment. It can be seen in the video that when Urfi was asked about Kashmera’s comment, she replied, ‘Yes, I have read what she has said about me. Meaning why? The statements you have given have a valid point, then write man… what is it that I am famous on Instagram and not in real life. Then if you are not in both, then what is the use?’


This is how the controversy started

Actually, Sussanne Khan’s sister Farah Khan Ali had questioned the dress of Urfi Javed. Farah tweeted and wrote, ‘Sorry, but this young girl should be reprimanded for wearing strange-poor. People are making fun of it and thinking that they must have liked the way of dressing it. I hope someone will explain this thing. Urfi Javed also did not shy away from giving a befitting reply to these things of Farah Khan Ali.

Urfi gave a befitting reply

Urfi Javed, while replying to Farah Khan Ali, wrote, ‘Ma’am, do you have tasteful dressing in your eyes? Will you tell me I know people don’t like my dressing sense. I am not living in a bubble and I don’t care about people’s views. You may be wearing clothes that have a designer tag, but is it tasteful? Your relatives are cast in such films and make such films, where women do item numbers wearing short clothes, is it tasteful.

Kashmira said this about Urfi

After this, during an interview, Kashmera Shah said about Urfi Javed that I do not think that Sussanne and Farah would even know such people. I also do not know such people, who keep roaming after cutting clothes. Kashmera Shah said in a conversation with E-Times, ‘I do not even talk about people who have zero work in their resume and who are famous only on Instagram. I am making my career. I am busy making films which will bring some change in the world. People who are making their career by just spotting, in my view such people are not career minded.

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