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Kiran Chander interview for bgs raw website he is a fashion blogger from Trichy, Tamil Nadu
Kiran Chander is from Trichy, pursuing my fashion technology degree. He has worked as a design intern with Ashwin Thiagarajan. He had styled a magazine called fa-zine and working for the second edition now. And he is doing part-time modeling, He has gone through many college-level runways… NIT picturesque title winner

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
I am Kiran Chander, doing as a fashion stylist as well as part-time modeling, worked as a design intern with Ashwin Thiagarajan. Who believes in energy, Karma and pure atheist. I am a type of guy who believes self-confidence makes a man what he wants to become and I am very clear with where I am heading to.. and some more fun things about myself were a teetotaller and I love to dance when I was emotionally low or high. I have done many ramps as a runway model and as a designer.
Music gets me through everything.

Q. How did you inspire to be a model?
I was a common guy who had a thought like everyone has that wanna become more familiar among people, so I used to take pictures and uploaded in the social media for getting more likes then one day I had clashed with my photographer friend and he made me realize what is photography and what is fashion then I decided to learn fashion and everything changes when I started learning and I am still learning. On my way, many people inspired me with their skills. Balaji Murugadoss Mr.International India was one of my inspiration and I got motivated by his speech and his works.

Q. Since when are you engaged in this field.
I have been in the past three years in this field and its just six months that I got engaged more in this work.

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Q. Tell us your goal & the future plan?
I have to open a world-class boutique and to participate in the Paris fashion week and Lakme fashion week and to become as Mister world and now I am planning to start my very own label called Kiran Chander.

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Q. Have you collaborated with brands. Let us know about your experience.
Not with brands but with some famous retailers in down south India. I walked as a model for Pothys and fashion blast. It was a really great experience to walk for their brand and I felt really proud of me on that day to walk in front of such an amazing crowd.

Q. What’s that mantras of your fashion and you would love to recommend peoples.
Fashion is an art and it has no rules so you can play with a wide range of varieties. You don’t have to follow the rules to posing and you don’t have rules to make garments. The only thing is u have to make it proportionally. Really it was fun work to do…

Q. You are pursuing a Fashion technology degree. Give our audience an idea about the course.
Fashion technology is the combination of both textile technology and fashion designing,
So you can choose your own path and can get a wide knowledge of the field from top to bottom. You can learn from cotton bale to the finished garments including retailing.

Q. You won the NIT picturesque title. When was it and tell us about the competition?
Picturesque was an online photo modeling competition conducted by the National Institute of technology and I am the title winner of 2018.

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Q. You have also worked with Ashwin Thiyagarajan as a work intern. How was the experience there?
It was a great time of mine, he was such a cool and kind fellow. Its always funs to work with him and I gained more knowledge from him ❤️

Q. Let us know the current projects you’re working on.
I’m gonna start up a new label and now I am working with some photographers to promote my profile.

Q. How will you recommend the Bgs Raw webpage to feature the creators?
It was the best website to feature young talents and to publish their identity on the public. I’ll recommend it’s the best website to promote their profile and identity to the world.

Q. Any message to convey to your fans and our audience.
Be unique trust your mind says, do what feels right from the heart, please don’t wait for the benefits work for your satisfaction and progress it consistently everything will come for you…

//Rapid Fire:
Q. Tell the most embarrassing memory of your childhood?
 I got caught by a bull naked in the street while peeing 

Q. What would be your fav party outfit?
White tees Black denim jacket and black denim Jean with white sneaker always looks classy

Q. Most of the free time you’re busy with?
 I used to illustrate sketches when I am free

Q. Most common pose of yours?
Facing the camera and leaning forward was my favorite poses.

Q. Your awkward moment?
Funny pic of mine while sleeping

Check out few images of Kiran Chander below:

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