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Dr Viraj is a dentist and part-time model from gujrat

Hey folks, here we have another guest, Dr. Viraj,  he is a dentist by profession and fashion model by passion. As in the interview, he told us that, he is a doctor and doing a job and also he takes out his time for modeling and shoots at the weekend. Since childhood he kept his interest in this field, however, he completed his education of dentists. As in the conversation he also mentioned the event ‘Central Mr and miss Gujarat’ in which he also remains semi-finalist. So let you read the full conversation below;

Interview with Dr. Viraj a dentist and a fashion creator

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
Hello, I am Dr. Viraj Talsania. I am a general dentist, part-time model, and content creator. I was keen to be part of the fashion and glamour industry since my childhood and also I wanted to serve society as a doctor. So, I firstly completed my dental education and then I started trying and learning various things about modeling, blogging, content creation and whatnot. Finally, I ended up being the content creator.

Q. When did you think to be a content creator? What is your’s main niche?
I was unaware about this field before one and half year when I was struggling to become model and getting projects, one fine day while scrolling on my social media I got to know about the word called content creator and I started searching about what actually it is and started making my own content for which I got appreciation from the audience. Currently, I am creating content for fashion, beauty, food, travel, and lifestyle but my main focus is fashion.

Q. How long are you involved in this work? And do you enjoy it?
I am doing content creation for one and a half year and yes definitely I am liking it. It gives me pleasure to think and give something creative with information to my audience.

Q. You are a dentist right. so do you have your own clinic or you’re in practice, let us know?
Right now I am doing a job as a  dentist. I don’t have my own dental clinic.

Q. Let our audience know about the profession of a dentist?
It is a really amazing job. I enjoy the dental work. Dental treatments are often neglected at an early stage. Most of the time patient wants dental treatments only if the tooth is paining, and it feels good when we can help them to get relief from pain. You can’t imagine the amount of pain, it is really unbearable when tooth decay is deep.

Q. As we know you were a semi-finalist of Mr. Gujarat, Tell us something about the event?
It was an event known as Central Mr and miss Gujarat. It’s an annual pageant that occurs all over Gujarat. There are auditions happening and contestants are selected on the basis of their performance for semifinals and finals. It was my first try in December 2017 when I appeared for fashion modeling pageant show and I got selected till semifinals. Even I participated in an event after that which was Mr and miss Ahmedabad in 2018 and I won Mr active Ahmedabad subtitle.

Q. So can anyone live the passion and profession at the same time as you do. By the way, how do you manage it, let us know?
Yes, why not if you’re enjoying whatever work you’re doing you can manage passion and profession easily. I arrange my photoshoots early in the morning or either on weekends and I treat patients on weekdays from morning to evening. This is how I enjoy my work and passion life. It’s just how you manage your time.

Q. Do you face any hardship in this field?
Yes certainly. There are many ups and downs when you have to do work in 2 totally different fields, but it’s worth doing.

What is your goal & the future plan?
I want to open my own dental set-up in the future and I will keep creating content to educate people more about fashion.

Q. How did you come to know about Bgs Raw and how will you recommend us?
I came to know about Bgs Raw from Instagram and I must say it is a great platform for emerging artists.

Q. Have you collaborated with brands? When was your first collaboration?
I have collaborated with many brands to date. My first collaboration was with the skincare brand and it was one year ago.

Q. The current project you are working.
I am currently working for some indo western looks and will post content for it soon.

Q. Any message and tips you want to convey to our audience and your fams?
I just want to say that be confident in whatever you do and believe in yourself.


Q. What is fashion according to you?
Fashion is a term used to describe the latest or popular things but I believe whatever is comfortable should be considered fashionable for an individual.

Q. Have you gone through an awkward moment with any client or patient.
I remember one day I was treating a patient and I have a habit of talking with patients so that they feel comfortable and I don’t know-how on that day it happened and I started talking about photoshoots and fashion with the patient instead of oral hygiene.

Q. Information: Do you think street food harm our teeth?
No. Street food doesn’t harm your teeth. Excess sugar and airated drinks can be considered a reason for tooth decay.

Q. What you believe to yourself; blogger, doctor, influencer, or anything else.
I consider myself a doctor first. Everything else comes after that.

Q. What the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?
I am not able to recollect any such question right now.

Q. Tell about Bgs Raw in one sentence.
One destination to feature all artists.

Q. Two tips as a dentist?
1. Dental checkups are neglected in India. So I would suggest getting professional dental checkups at least every 6 months.
2. Teeth are equally important as any other organ of your body. Take real care of it and do brush twice a day.

Check out some pics of Dr. Viraj:

Dr. Viraj is a fashion model, and a fashion creator

dr viraj is a dentist and a fashion craetor from gujrat

best fashion craetor of gujrat

mr gujrat semi-finalist dr. viraj

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